Starting line

I am an artist and a runner.

I couldn’t thrive without both painting and running the trails with my friends.

A few hills ago, my dear friend and running mentor Joan, sent me a video she shot while she was running through a silent forest in late Autumn. All you could hear were her footfalls and her breath. All you could see was dizzying motion, the flashing light and shadows, the brilliant mix of trees, the leaves swirling all around.

It was so moving and visceral.

If you’ve ever run, walked, biked, or hiked down a trail, you know what I mean.

I immediately wanted to capture that experience in a painting.

Lost And Found In The Trees 

A roller coaster snapshot, fresh air, exciting yet peaceful. That’s the moment I try to capture in my paintings.

I hope you will enjoy viewing them as much I do painting them.

Watch out!  Copperhead!


Happy trails!  Cam